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How to Modify the Android Emulator Hosts File

The Android emulator is an odd beast. Unlike the iOS emulator, there’s no easy way to sync your system hosts file with the Android hosts file. Until now! We will make two files with some special magic so that your emulator mirrors your computer.

These instructions are OSX only!

Dealing With Compiled Files in Git

Why might you need this?

If you have file A, and every time you change A, file B gets rebuilt, and you have to commit file B, these steps will help you. These examples are written with Sass in mind.

I know what you’re thinking, you shouldn’t commit built CSS. That’s not the point. Sometimes you have to. Let’s make that process better.

Just Use Sublime Text

I originally wrote this as a response to “Sublime Text 2 vs Vim” on reddit, but it was too long to post. I blogged instead.

TL;DR I cannot in good faith recommend Vim to a new developer, even though I use it.

Vim: The Editor You Need To Read (At Least) Two Books On To Use Well

Vim is not a more efficient editor for regular text editing. It’s not going to make you type faster. For the first 1-2 years of your Vim usage you will be much less efficient than your current editor because of the odd yet lovable key bindings. After about 2 years you will be proficient.

Everyone talks about the steep learning curve but no one talks about what happens once you finally get hjkl in your brain for movement. The answer is months of frustration, followed by finally having a usable editor, followed by knowing some cool tricks that you use in 1% of your daily workflow.